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37 it is rarer Chinese traditional medicine material, most now person takes preserve one’s health seriously more and more, a lot of people are met will choose to suit according to oneself body stateShanghai noble baby

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Means of oneself preserve one’s health, 371000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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action is very big, to the female, often take 37 have those who defer consenescence to make not onlyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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With, and the effect that still has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, old people is taken in 37, still can prevent cardiovascular disease, the benefit of 37 is so much, 37 can you eat everyday?

37 can you eat everyday?

37 can you eat everyday?

37 powder can be taken for a long time, because 37 pink are had,invigorate the circulation of blood mixes the two-way adjustment that what raise blood function, long-term and proper it is OK to take 37 powders bate is hemal, stimulative blood circulates, make sure blood is healthy, can prevent diseases of all sorts of heart head blood-vessel effectively. To the female, 37 pink can remove invigorate the circulation of blood to raise colourLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, delay anile action. And send 37 pink to appearance of congee of the old age in precaution the formation of spot piece, improve blood to stick consistency, reduce thrombosis of heart head blood-vessel to have main effect, a lot of move free want a flower, coronary heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic, regard medicaments of auxiliary health care as 37 pink, still have hemostatic medicinal powder the effect of Yu analgesia.

37 can you eat everyday?

What crowd is unfavorable have 37 white?

1, pregnant woman is taken with A-certificate

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Pregnant woman and A-certificate take 37 powder, other remedy should be not being taken during this principle follows pregnant woman is same, because allow mom to be between bosom pregnancyShanghai night net

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It is a special period, if pregnant woman takes of all kinds cordial in disorder, it is very big to fetal influence. Do not suggest the woman of pregnancy takes 37 powder so. 37 pink have the effect that enhances immune power, but force of children oneself immunity is returned not development is perfect, take growth of force of immunity of meeting influence oneself for a long time.

2, constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability

37 although unlike ginseng is easy in that way suffer from excessive internal heat, but the sexual flavour pleasant of 37, small suffering, lukewarm. Classify Chinese traditional medicine by odour in traditional Chinese pharmacology, our abbreviation 4 gas the five flavors. A lot of people say Chinese traditional medicine is bad to drink now, chinese traditional medicine wants this taste namely, for example bitter medicine is cold cool, have the effect of clear heat, the result that if did not suffer from that Qing Dynasty,heats up is bad, have chili like us same, not hot the sense that has chili was done not have.

37 can you eat everyday?

3, period female

The female of menstruation is unfavorable take 37 powder, because 37 pink have invigorate the circulation of blood to change the effect of Yu, if be taken in menstruation, may bring about classics blood overmuch, time is long, the likelihood causes the symptom of female anaemia. But if menstruation is, hematic Yu, menstruation is not moved, can take 37 pink appropriately to come, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu adjustment, menstrual problem, of course this wants to be taken below the doctor’s guidance!