” equestrian with chop kill 2: Feudal lord ” mechanism of morale of detail of much person mode has a change

Although ” equestrian with chop kill 2: Feudal lord ” not within the foreseeable future, but development business TaleWorld is insisting to update developer daily record all the time. TaleWorld gave off newer daily record recently, say to making pattern of game much person, announced specific detail, look together. Be in early 2017, taleWorld was revealed to the player ” captain mode ” play a way, and ” battle is round ” DLC ” Napole上海夜网

on war ” more the iceberg that revealed much person mode to play law mechanism for the player one horn. In this DLC, the player has branch PVP fights for two, every player can direct main forces to have campaign of a large-scale epic sex. Developer expresses: “” equestrian with chop kill 2 ” the game experience that can provide more structuralization for the player, and this game is no matter go up from content or go up from dimensions, before be being compared, make should get greatly much. ” look from the log ” equestrian with chop kill 2 ” the change had on morale mechanism, and this mechanism is in ” captain mode ” in have quite important place. Player army morale can drop because of hostile and occupational foothold, when army morale lowers fixed rate, can not break through Cheng Jun to escape everywhere. Below captain mode, although every player has a lot only, but af新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ter be killed in battle, the player can control an any soldiers in army of one’s own side. TaleWorld thinks this kind of method can avo上海千花网交上海千花网


id effectively hostile 爱上海同城对对碰

and direct undertake snipe to the player, the goal of overwhelming advantage is achieved in order to achieve on battlefield, to the player that is killed by Ju at the beginning, will more opportunity reverses battlefield state. ” equestrian with chop kill 2 ” the force that will join 6 different camp, every kinds of arm of services is having his character, won’t appear absolutely reduplicative circumstance. Be worth what carry is, even if falls in muc上海贵族宝贝论坛

h person mode, the skill that the player also needs to pay close attention to his allocates, reasonable skill collocation can bring a lot of gain for battlefield. TaleWorld has not announce ” equestrian with chop kill 2: Feudal lord ” close check specific date, but many players guess TaleWorld is likely will this year international of division grand game is exhibited (Gamescom) releases a test.