Belle transhipment of through cargo ” sweet bud content language ” will raid sweetly fair measure report exposure

On May 12, the game of transhipment of through cargo of 3D beautiful girl that distributes jointly with game of road of 1000 unreal science and technology, road by wing network research and development ” sweet bud content language ” formal open whole platform is fair measure, attracted many player download. ” sweet bud content language ” fair measure an exceptionally grand occasion, short time is immanent the rank inside sheet of each big a list of names posted up rises quickly, fair measure sheet of a list of names posted up of IOS free a list of names posted up logins inside 24 hours only the 3rd, day all active 300 thousand, keep of average the next day 62.8% , handed over a piece of satisfactory report.

Quantity of the morrow keep rate of average level, online user showed prep above industry adequately ” sweet bud content language ” the tremendous potential that hand of this transhipment of through cargo swims in game market. As the open of more sport activity, ” sweet bud content language ” also attract more players into world of sweet 3D transhipment of through cargo.

Of bright look fair measure achievement to cannot leave the outstanding product quality after many burnish. As home hand of first transhipment of through cargo that is core with 3D technology swims, ” sweet bud content language ” buckle product fixed position closely, it is cornerstone with user demand, made experience of brand-new transhipment of through cargo for the player. In game, the player can be collected not only and on collocation 1000 elaborate costume, with more than 10 the United States NPC begins different amative the story of a play or opera, still can experience what domestic top class sound actors or actress to display sound to deduce, attend all sorts of interesting theme PK! The most absorbing is, below the support of 3D technology, the player can rotate through 360 degrees the beautiful girl that the character waits for much angle to observe he matchs from the front, flank and the reverse side, can says all-around the experience that does not have blind angle! The feeling that has the 3D beautiful girl that touchs a response to still will be aimed at a player makes corresponding expression and motion, mutual move is very.

Swim to ceaseless fractionize influences the market and increase of woman player increasingly as the hand, more and more game manufacturers add a group of people of same interest of market of game of woman of race to control, market competition is intense with each passing day. Distinction swims at hand of traditional transhipment of through cargo, ” sweet bud content language ” by right of 3D characteristic of this one core succeeds face about, with one action becomes hand of transhipment of through cargo to swim the person above average in the domain, also will lead the technology that hand of transhipment of through cargo swims the innovation.

 ” sweet bud content language ” it is wing network is admired make, the 3D of acting character of Xu Jiao of astral young woman is beautiful game of girl transhipment of through cargo. Slow-witted bud beautiful girl is sweet what bestow favor on blackart to make in lovely bud is how-to below, take you to open new world of beauty of transhipment of through cargo! Huge dress was offerred in game, let a player be in happy daily in enjoy fun of transhipment of through cargo to the top of one’s bent. Skirt of school uniform pure beauty places resound youth air, luxuriant Lo woman is full-dress bear the weight of illusion of charming and gentle, satisfy you to explode the longing of transhipment of through cargo of canopy, wake up dream of your princess queen girl!