Adult net swims ” black is desert ” Han is taken will add demon of naval battle mode to be able to be used

Recently, ” black is desert ” the newer design content that operation business Daum Games made public Han to take future, include brand-new arousal character, new of phyletic affiliation and PVE respect update, sequel lands Europe to take jointly with the pace.

Arousal of the person that new arousal figure includes to bear, female bear arousal, koradji arousal and sibylline arousal, the spirit of arousal female military that already updated before lets a player shine at the moment, can choose to hold after the player in addition accuse demon phyletic, game will join a demon theme mainland that is Silvia Camara.

Be worth what carry is, the player can choose naval battle when was tired of groovy terrestrial battlefield, the government expresses to bedding face will be joined to accumulate marine area after game, and all sorts of play a way relevantly with ocean will subsequently and come.

” black is desert ” it is game of network of a MMOARPG, the player will be setting with capacious arena, experience realistically large-scale action. At present ” black is desert ” already was in Korea and European area fair measure, whether can introduce a country to take still not be informed.