Strange flower game ” the world’s longest 5 minutes ” leading role kills ability to give surely forgot

The adventurous game that marks famed Japanese game to developed business Japan to publish platform of a PSV to molopolize recently with devildom battle ” the world’s longest 5 minutes ” , this game again the incisively and vividly that Japan the originality of one develops, allowing the leading role that the person considers to those who be less than is game is the fellow of a completely that expert kills even oneself ability to forget surely unexpectedly!

” the world’s longest 5 minutes ” game of no less than its name, game began to enter final BOSS to be opposite battle phase, and all experience in adventurous way forgetting during the leading role of the person that serve as brave is fighting unexpectedly, what the player should do in game is the memory that your leading role restores to take a risk ceaselessly.