Ren Tiantang hand swims ” Miitomo ” appear on the market first days behead obtains gregarious APP a list of names posted up head

Occupy data of government of shop of malic APP STORE to show, ren Tiantang combines Japan to know a famous player to swim the game of the first mobile phone that the manufacturer develops ” Miitomo ” obtained Japanese area socialization in the first day when appear on the market kind the first of APP pop chart.

” Miitomo ” strictly speaking is not game of a mobile phone, however gregarious APP. Pass this APP, the player can link Facebook, Twitter or the account that assume heaven, establish a relationship through above means and good friend, undertake interacting interestingly with Mii figure. With the sale that assumes heaven game before means differs, this ” Miitomo ” use prop rate system.

” Miitomo ” user quantity has been broken through 1 million close greatly, the gregarious APP that also exceeds old brand of a few days of big our region on pop chart, for instance: Connect me, Twitter and Facebook.