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Reduce weight the most popular service in be current society, a lot of people made a plan to reduce weight, also gave a lot of trouble to reduce weight or be money, and the success that reduce weight was concerned with a variety of elements, let more strengthen oneself ceaselessly to reduce weight. Reducing weight actually also is simple, patient but the problem that simple look upon reduces weight, can avoid to reduce weight to undertake repeatedly, rebounding phenomenon is more serious. The patient can use the gymnastical equipment that can reduce weight to achieve the result everyday, what does the gymnastical equipment that can you reduce weight so have?

What does the gymnastical equipment that can reduce weight have

Push-up frame

Make with iron pipe or timber, can offer bare-handed with the waist negative redo push-up is used. Also have oneForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Kind wear push-up high, it is do bracket to reach by iron pipe set those who put a foot to use to raise board composition. When training cervical can load with the waist have a practice, increased exercise difficulty, rose to train the effect. Push-up wears an exercise, to developing pectoralis major group the effect is distinct.

Lie push

Lie push a special apparatus that is experienced pectoralis major. It has smooth lie, sit type is inclined lie and vertical is inclined lie 3 kinds. They are the bracket that solders by steel tube and board face composition. Smooth lie choose wearing is to develop pectoralis major two side flesh group use, sit type and vertical lie push wearing is to develop on pectoralis major, bottom flesh group use.

Crouch greatly

Have iron is made and ligneous two kinds. Ligneous crouch greatly frame be worn by the leg and wear composition, appearance resembles the ladder of 4 legs. Height is 1 meter commonly, among them leg wearing is 90 centimeters tall, wear a face thick 10 centimeters, become sunken model, facilitate put firm barbell. Wear a face to grow 440 centimeters commonly, 30 centimeters wide. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Iron is made crouch greatly frame by iron the steel tube composition with adjustable height, iron for the circle, diameter 35 centimeters, whole crouch a height greatly to be 1.6 meters, a few can be gotten to adjust among round hole of height, average span is 10 centimeters. Crouch greatly wearing is bear barbell is done crouch to develop leg ministry muscle group special apparatus.

Activity inclined board

The activity is inclined board it is experienced waist abdominal muscle group special apparatus. By can adjust high steel tube and board composition. Solder for 3.4 centimeters pipe with the diameter grow about 2 meters, wide the frame that makes an appointment with 65 centimeters, mount board can be become inclined board, put aside park to be able to adjust on high bracket. Inclined board face had better use foam-rubber cushion.

Leave fall

Solder for 4.8 centimeters iron pipe with the diameter. Wear height to be 2.5 meters, apart of or so column is 1 meter. From wear column to leave floor 60 centimeters of place begin, every other is controlled 5 centimeters drill a round hole, adjust in order to facilitate height. Can use an exercise to crouch partly, heel of negative bring up again and the movement such as the choose after the neck.

Train integratedly machine

Cry again muti_function training implement, only1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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For strong and handsome lover and professional athlete design. Its advantage is to be able to undertake the 10 systemic sex force to a variety of 50 movements practice. Bear implement (obstruction implement) those who use is blob of viscose of oak of excel in force (the iron that include glue piece) , overcame tone to weigh the noise of a battlements, and bear has the advantage that waits for motivation to measure an exercise changeably, practice the movement is simple easy control, wounded chance is less. The appliance with good quality designs obstruction according to human body structure, made sure obstruction of behavioral whole course is even thereby, add decrease heavyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The quantity is handy, train effect all beautiful. Its defect is the course action that can press a design only, limitation is big. Cannot undertake force practices fulminant. Integrated training machine is divided commonly for 5 people station, 8 people stand. 10 people stand to wait for norms and sort with 12 people station. It is the actor with group unit gym and communal and strong and handsome necessary center chooses appliance all the time.

What does the gymnastical equipment that can you reduce weight have? The gymnastical equipment that can have effect reducing weight has a variety of, gymnastical equipment also has a category to differentiate, have also have simply complex, the place that take exercise also has each not identical, want to notice skill and safety when exercise, a lot of equipment should master the finishing sport with the true ability after skill, also can stimulate otherwise1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The body, make its joint organ gets hurt, go against those who reduce weight is successful finish, the even proper compensatory good nutrition after taking exercise, avoid the body to be short of water to wait.